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Most of the people love to go on a beach with their friends and spend quality time with them. One thing which usually people do is click pictures of themselves and with their friends to restore the memories of that trip. However there are few people who go on a solo trip and love to capture the moments and not of themselves but their surroundings. Today we are talking about a photographer who lives in Victoria, Australia. He is Matt Burgess, and he loves to click pictures of ocean. He is basically an ocean photographer, and he loves to capture ocean images.
Have a look at the pictures clicked by Matt Burgess
#1 Bubbles in an ocean
#2 And this is surely treat eyes
#3 No one thought of clicking picture of sunset in this way
#4 These tides are both scary and beautiful
#5 The guy is surely master in clicking pictures at the right time.
Next time while planning trip with friends, make sure that you spend time clicking pictures of the surroundings around you. Though one should also pictures of themselves and with their friends, but a trip can be memeorable if such pictures are added in the album.
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Author - Amit Singh
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