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There are few reasons behind most of the break ups and why women cheat. When a woman starts feeling that she is not getting the same attention, she used to get and when she feels dissatisfied in her relationship, she starts cheating.
These are few reasons why women cheat in a relationship.
Taken for Granted
The time when she starts feeling that she is taken for granted most of the women cheat. The lack of emotional connections starts fading up and the possibility of a new connection opens up. That person can be anyone a childhood friend, co-worker or anyone who is having a pleasing personality. This happens because women mostly want attention and someone who can pamper her.
Eye for an eye
Vengeance can be one of the reasons why women cheat on their partner because she wants to take revenge because of the mistreatment or some kind of affair her partner had in past. The reason can vary but one of the reasons for most of the break is vengeance.
Grass is greener on the other side
If this thought comes in a women's mind that grass is greener on the other side it means that she thinks that there can be a better guy who deserves her. This thought generally comes when she looks for perfection and it can be based on looks, money or bond.
Tough time comes but never lasts. So understand each other and stay happy when you are in a relationship.
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