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From today fare of Delhi Metro has increased and it would be between Rs 10 and Rs 50. As per DMRC, " The necessity of revision in fares was on account of increase in the cost of inputs viz. the staff costs, the cost of energy and the cost of repair & maintenance". The last hike in Delhi Metro fares was in 2009, when the minimum fares were increased from 6 to 8 and maximum from 22 to 30. The reason behind the hike according to the sources are the rise in operational cost and electricity cost which has been rising since 2009.These are five things you need to know about Delhi Metro hike
1) The fare revision will be implemented in two phases, Phase 1 - 10th May 2017 and Phase 2 - 1st October 2017 respectively
2) The metro fares are divided into six slabs based on kilometers for Monday to Saturday.
3) Special discounted fares will be there on Sundays and National holidays (26th January, 15th August, and 2nd October) to encourage ridership.
4) Passengers using smart cards and traveling during the off-peak hours can avail 20% discount
5) The fare for Airport Express Line will remain the same
According to DMRC, the fare hike was important and a metro official said:"Although it would not turn us profitable overnight, it would at least prevent a further rise in the operating ratio of the company, which is around Rs 84 at the moment". Now we have to see how people are accepting this decision.
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