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On the occasion of 71st Independence Day, I feel independent and everyone around me will celebrate the Independence Day with sending text messages on WhatsApp and uploading some nice pictures with our National Flag. Though, I love this feeling of being independent and living in a country where I have the right to express my own views and thoughts. However, I would like to share my opinion this independence day that what independence really means to me.
This is what independence means to me...
The day when a girl, in the midnight, will ask her partner to go and manage herself to walk down the lane to reach home, I will feel independent.
The day I won’t see a chotu on every other tea stall, I will feel independent.
The day when female foeticide cases would diminish, I will feel independent.
The day when a woman in rural areas would stop moving out of their homes to attend nature’s call, I will feel independent.
The day I would witness the parents letting their daughter or son to do what they want, I will feel independent.
The day when people will stop judging women on their dressing style, I will feel independent.
The day when people would start treating everyone around them for their work and good deeds, I will feel independent.
The day, while thinking about independence, these thoughts won’t come in anyone’s mind, I will feel independent.
The thought of being independent seems good; however, until or unless we are facing all these kinds of issues that are emerging in India, we are surely not independent. For me, independence is all about seeing India growing socially and economically.
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Author & Image Content - Amit SinghDesigned By - Vikas Kakkar
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