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People usually think that there are only a few products which have expiry date like medicines, food products, etc. In most of the cases, people often overuse few products. Today, we have listed few household items which you didn’t know had expiration dates.
Here is the list of 9 household items that have expiration dates.
1) Pillow
The reason why you should not use a pillow for more than 2 years is that it loses fluffiness. It also becomes a home for dust mites. It can also lead to several health issues like neck problems.
2) Slippers
You should not use slippers for more than 6 months because if you use the slippers for long time, there are chances that it will spread fungal infection. You should always wash your slippers regularly and also change it because it loses its grip that might lead to accidents.
3) Towel
Towel is a necessary item for everyday use and there are chances of bacteria growth on your towel. People usually think that washing the towel doesn’t lead to the growth of bacteria; however, if a towel is used every single day, the best solution is to change it.
4) Toothbrush
You surely need to change your toothbrush when you notice that bristles of your toothbrush have worn down. One more basic reason is that if you are using a toothbrush for too long, it might affect your gums.
5) Running Shoes
The reason why you should immediately change your running shoes after 1 year is because it might affect your muscles and can lead to injury.
6) Bath Sponge
Never use a bath sponge for more than two weeks as the puffs start to breed fungus and mould. And if you want to use that one only, make sure you boil it in hot water to kill bacteria that might be growing on it.
7) Pacifier
Taking care of their child is the sole purpose of every mother; however, she has to take care of many important things out of which one basic thing is a pacifier. Pacifier should be changed in every 2-5 weeks as it breaks easily and crack may breed gums.
8) Hairbrush
Make sure you wash your hairbrush every week because if you won’t, there are chances that dandruff stuck on the hairbrush might affect your hair.
9) Bra
You should always change your bra after 1-2 years as it loses its elasticity and it also becomes uncomfortable. It can affect your personality as well if you wear it for more than 1-2 years.
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