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Akshay Kumar is indeed the trendsetter of Bollywood. He is surely winning everyone’s heart around the country with his films. The reason why people love Akshay Kumar’s movies nowadays is that he is focusing on working on movies out of the league. No other actor in the Bollywood industry is doing films based on social topics or based on true stories. Baby, Rustom, Airlift, Gabbar is Back and now Toilet Ek Prem Katha is a sheer example of how Akshay Kumar has become trendsetter when it comes to working on a film based on social issues.
The way he puts energy into the character in the movies makes him different from other actors. Today we have listed top 5 movies of Akshay Kumar which are a masterpiece.
1) Holiday
In this movie, Akshay played the role of an Indian soldier who comes home on a vacation, and while he is on a vacation he gets to know about a terrorist group and then he eliminates terrorist who are planning to attack in India with the help of sleeper cells. Akshay Kumar’s role in Holiday was critically acclaimed and Taran Adarsh states, “It is a slick action-thriller that keeps you engrossed, enthralled and captivated all through, thanks to its fascinating premise and a watertight, razor-sharp screenplay”.
2) Baby
The movie is based on the eliminating terrorist who is planning attacks in India. Akshay Kumar leads the team in the movie and known as ‘Khiladi’, he hence proved that he is still the king when it comes to doing stunts in the movies. People around the country loved the plot of the movie as it was both engaging and people were connected to the story.
3) Airlift
That moment in the movie when Akshay Kumar helps lakhs of Indian stranded in the foreign soil to shift back to India will surely give you ‘Goosebumps’. Akshay played the role of a Kuwait-based businessman in the movie and critics acclaimed his role in the movie for his acting skills.
4) Special 26
The movie is based on real life incidents of 1987 Opera House Heist. The story is about con mans who manage to clever robberies around the country pretending to be the CBI or income tax officers. Akshay Kumar was the mastermind among the four and he planned the robbery in the movie. After the success of the movie, a book on the film story was launched and is widely available across the country.
5) Toilet: Ek Prem Katha
This movie is based on a social issue of building toilets in rural areas around the country. Akshay Kumar is highlighting the issue of using a toilet and having a toilet in every household. The film is about a man who builds a toilet in his village only to bring back his wife. People around the country are eagerly waiting to watch this movie. The film will be released on the independence weekend.
The national award winning actor Akshay Kumar believes that he works in the film which is both exciting and thrilling. He has surely become a new patriotic flag bearer when it comes to choosing films based on social issues. His upcoming movies Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and Padman certainly prove that he is looking forward to taking movies based on social causes.
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Designed Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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