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Nowadays your wardrobe is incomplete without different types of denim jeans. Everyone loves to wear jeans and mostly girls, because of the fact that they are both comfortable and durable. Girls who live away from home can surely understand the value of jeans because they don’t have to wash it every single day and they can wear it for 1-2 days.
Here is the list of 8 different types of jeans.
1) Skinny Jeans
These jeans are good for girls who are slim. It is for girls who have lean and sexy legs. There are varieties of skinny jeans available in the market which you can try according to your choice.
2) Capri Jeans
These jeans are good if you are hanging out with your friends or going somewhere nearby. Make sure you are not wearing it while going to professional meetings.
3) Light washed jeans
These jeans are trendy and you can wear it while you are going to college. You can get different light washed jeans in the market.
4) Ripped Jeans
If you love to experiment when it comes to making a fashion statement, then ripped jeans are the right choice. Nice shade of ripped jeans can add fashion quotient to your personality.
5) Colored Jeans
Colored jeans were in trend in the 90s, however, today also it has become a trend and you can try them as they are available in different colors in the market. If you want to be the trend setter, colored jeans are the best choice for you
6) Boot Cut Jeans
You can wear boot cut jeans as they are easy to fit and best for the women who are curvy. It will make you look in shape and also add a style quotient to your personality.
7) Flared Jeans
You might have seen women wearing those flared jeans which were a fashion statement in the 90s. They are back in trend and women are flaunting flared jeans in style. Make sure you try flared jeans if you haven’t tried yet.
8) Boyfriend Jeans
If you want to look cool, then boyfriend jeans are the best thing in the market. You can look both cool and it will also add a casual look to your personality. Boyfriend jeans are comfortable and easy to wear.
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Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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