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People usually have a fear (phobia) of few things and these fears can make them anxious and worried in different situations. Everyone is aware of the fact that they have fear of something, however, very few people know the correct term for the fear (phobia). People usually talk about their fear regarding snakes, insect, height or spiders but they usually don’t have any idea about the correct term for their phobia.
Today we have listed 10 common phobias that are mainly experienced by people around the world.
1) Cynophobia
Though dogs are quite friendly and loyal, however, there are people who get scared when they see a dog on the streets.
2) Trypanophobia
The whole scenario itself gets scary when a doctor holds an injection. The reason behind this fear might be our guardians who make us realize that injections are scary.
3) Ophidiophobia
People get scared by a snake because of the fact that snakes are both poisonous and dangerous. Fear of snakes i.e. Ophidiophobia is seen mostly among people who are living in urban areas.
4) Pteromerhanophobia
The fear of flying on an Airplane or Helicopter is known as Pteromerhanophobia. The reason behind Pteromerhanophobia might be that the person has not been ever travelled by air before.
5) Arachnophobia
Most of the people get scared of seeing a spider crawling on their body or the wall. They have a phobia about the spiders which is named as Arachnophobia.
6) Claustrophobia
People, who are usually living with their friends and family, tend to have Claustrophobia. They are scared of moving to confined spaces because they can’t live alone as they feel anxious and uncomfortable. They feel unprotected being far away from their loved ones.
7) Nyctophobia
You might have witnessed people who start shouting when there is a power cut. Nyctophobia is extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness.
8) Acrophobia
People, who have Acrophobia, escape from situations, like going on an outing to a hill station or choosing top floors while buying a flat.
9) Hemophobia
There are people who cannot dread the sight of their own blood is diseased with Hemophobia. Even if they witness another person’s or animal’s blood they find it scary.
10) Mysophobia
These kinds of people are mostly afraid of poor hygiene and cannot take germs around them. Be it the untidiness in their bedroom or be with any person who is unhygienic.
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Design Credits - Vikas KakkarImage Content - Amit Singh
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