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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps all over the world. There are billions of subscribers of Whatsapp and people nowadays are more dependent on WhatsApp for connecting with their friends and family.
People in India started using video call feature when Jio started offering free 4G data, people started using it to interact with their friends and family and after Jio all other competitors started offering 4G data on much lower rates. Recently WhatsApp has said that India is now the top country where video calling feature is used.
In between all these things we have people in our lives who make use of this application in their own way which sometimes turns awkward and these people are our parents.
These are five awkward situations which we face when our parents start using WhatsApp.
1) Parents have to forward those shubh prabhat messages every morning in every group
2) Because using Snapchat will be too mainstream for them
3) They need update about every single minute while we are using our WhatsApp
4) Partying with friends and saying that we are doing group study is no more a good excuse
5) When we have to make them understand that we can't receive WhatsApp call when mobile data is off.
Every one of us has once or twice have come across these situations so please share with your friends and family. And share with your parents as well to let them know that how much you love them.
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