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In India, if a girl is a fat then there are chances that people will say, that work on your fitness or else no one will marry you. And if a girl is having dark complexion, then the same people will ask you to use different types of fairness cream, because according to them girls with dark complexion are not widely accepted in future.
There are many more things people in the society say; however, I have one simple question from, ‘Wo Chaar Log’, who gave you the right to judge any other person by their size, color and shape? In my opinion body shaming can get to you when you let them shame your body. And the time when you have decided that let other people think what they want to think, focus on yourself, then you have surely won the battle in a society where people are judgmental.
Today while scrolling down the Instagram feeds I saw a post from a page doodleodram which I found both creative and unique. The page is created by Mounica Tata from Banglore who is a illustrator, cartoonist and storyteller. After scrolling down the stories I found a series of doodles which talks about how women around the country are body shamed. This series is all about how body shaming should come to end in the society.
Here is list of illustration which talks about how body shaming should come to an end around the world.
Being skinny is ok.
Not being skinny is ok.
Having curves is ok.
Not having curves is ok.
Bashing someone for their body type is not okay.
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