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You might have encountered people in day to day life from salon wale bhaiya to Sarajoni Nagar wale bhaiya who have quiet good persuasion skills. They will make you do what they want in their own style. Today, I have portrayed those situations through infographics which are quite relatable.
Here is the list of 9 infographics that sum up the influencing style of people in daily life.
You are always stuck in this situation when you want to buy just an ‘aalu tikki’, however, you will be in an awkward situation in front of your girlfriend when they will asks you for add ons like cheese, fries or soft drinks?
The time when you are looking for a ride at cheap price and auto wale bhaiya confidently says, ‘Arrey Madam Itne Door K 100 Hi Lagte Hai Pata Kar Lo Kahin Bhi’.
You thought that you would get the approval of your parents for the Goa trip with your friends, however, your parent would give you silly reasons and say, ‘Ye Goa-Woa Bekaar Jagah Hai, Kahin Nahi Jana’.
When you go to the market to buy daily vegetables and decide to purchase aalu only, suddenly the bhaiya will say ‘tamatar lelo, pyaz lelo.. Bilkul fresh hai madam’.
Every time you go to a salon and want to have a haircut, there are chances that they will ask you to have a full makeover or massage.
Every girl out there can understand the feeling when they get the perfect ‘top’ in the sarojani market; they get into a dilemma when bhaiya says, ‘Arrey Madam Is Top K Sath Ye Jean Sahi Lagegi’.
The flavor of golgappe is something which any golgappa lover is unable to resist and the time when golgappe wale bhaiya asks you ‘aur 10 k dun’, you are like, ‘de do bhaiya’.
You thought that you will have a breakfast with your partner, however, waiter comes and courteously asks, ‘Please try this special dish from the restaurant, Sir’ and when you check the amount of the dish you are like ‘mana kar dete toh zyda sahi hota’.
That moment when you thought you will go for a long drive with your boyfriend, however, your boyfriend gives you a casual reply, ‘Dekhta Hun, Free Hua Toh Bataunga’.
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Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
Image Content - Amit Singh
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