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You are always busy eating different types of vegetables; however, have you ever thought in this way that vegetables say a lot about your personality. Today, I have made funny illustrations of vegetables which you can accordingly relate to your personality and traits.
Here is the list of 10 funny illustrations of vegetables that shows how you are as a person.
You are a kind of person who is loved by everyone and is always available whenever your friend is in need. You are always down to earth and capable of dealing with the problems among your friends.
Bhindi is a vegetable which very few people like; however, you prefer it when nothing is there in your fridge. You are that friend who can help when no one is there in a bad situation.
Tomato is a vegetable that adds flavor to every recipe and if your group is incomplete without you then you are a tomato.
Mirchi is used for teekha tadka in a recipe, and if you are good at gossiping and adding tadka into the conversation then you are a ‘Mirchi’.
The beautiful gobhi is the best thing for vegans and if someone starts loving you at the very first sight then you are a gobhi.
This is a universal fact that there are few people who like karela and if you have a small friend circle and only few people like you, then you are ‘Karela’.
‘Kaddu’, the name itself is funny and if you are that person who cracks lame jokes and no one laughs on them then you are surely a ‘Kaddu’.
Mushrooms can grow anywhere and if you are that person who gels up with people easily then you are a ‘Mushroom’.
Gajar is sleek and beautiful in terms of look and if you are beautiful and fit then you are a ‘Gajar’.
Nimbu is sour and if you are that person who loves to taunt or talk sarcastically then you are undoubtedly, a ‘Nimbu’.
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Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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