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Making good food is an art and those who are interested, want to be perfect in it. People usually rush while preparing food and make silly mistakes. The most common one is that you don’t taste the food while cooking that might ruin your efforts for preparing the food. So, there are few things which should be taken care of while preparing food. Today, we have listed 10 common mistakes which you make while cooking food.
Make sure you are not experimenting while preparing food because you might create a mess out of it. The reason why you should never experiment while cooking using recipe is that the chef has mentioned the particular ingredients in the recipe as per the dish.
You end up overfilling the pan in hurry; however, the main reason for the same is to do everything quickly, without being patient. Overcrowding the pan results in uneven heat distribution and this simultaneously affects the taste of the food.
You might think that the seasoning makes the food better; however, over-seasoning will create untidiness.
You should prefer using the right oil and its proper quantity while cooking food because oil plays the major role in making good food.
If you think that overcooking will make your food tasty then you are wrong. Overcooking will make your food mushy and also makes it oily, which is not good for health.
The first thing you should do before preparing food is reading the entire recipe in order to make good food. The reason is that you’ll have a fair idea what you have to do and what ingredients and other things you require preparing food.
The food should never be put to the cold pan immediately after cooking. Being hot, it will stick to the pan. Make sure the oil as well as the pan is hot before adding ingredients.
Make sure you take the meat out of the refrigerator and put it at the room temperature for about 15-20, before cooking. If we’ll use the frozen meat then there are chances that it would remain uncooked in the center and overcooked from the sides. This tip goes same for beef, pork, chicken and fish.
Most of the time you end up adding more ingredients as described in the recipe to experiment with the food which is a bad idea. Adding the proper amount of ingredients as per the recipe will help you making a great dish.
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Designed By - Manas Srivastava
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