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Corporate life: A place where you work according to the company norms and at the end of the day, what you get is hope that things will get better with time. In simple words, you work hard to get promotion and hike in the salary; however, you are not eligible for the same according to the company when it comes to appraisal.
Same was the case with Pramod who was working hard for one of the most famous cafe outlets in the country, Cafe Coffee Day Limited. He was working for the sake of making his end meets; however things didn’t turn up well for him.
Pramod was working in the sales department of Café Coffee Day situated at Pheonix Mall in Mahadevapura from 11 years. The reason behind the suicides is what you can expect from the corporate world i.e. undue stress and pressure at the workplace. He committed suicide as he was not given promotion at his job for past several years. He hanged himself at a friend’s house in Mahadevpura.
He left behind a suicide note alleging that authorities of the company were responsible for his death.
Here is how he explained what he went through all these years, in the suicide letter.
We hope things will get better in the corporate world in coming future.
Designed By - Amit Singh
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