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No doubt school days are the best days of life. We live our moments during school days. Around the country, all the students who have completed their 12th boards are enrolling themselves to new colleges. However, forgetting school days is a tough job which has given us memories.
Today, I have compiled all the funny and heartbreaking memories which I have of school days. Every first-year student can surely relate to these memories.
1) That moment when canteen k samosey was the best part of school.
2) When roaming in the corridor and bunking classes was fun..
3) Using Chalks for white shoes and Vaseline for black shoes made things easier for us.
4) Spending time with partners during tuitions became a routine.
5) Only Funda of Life was, no one should say anything to best friend or else you have to deal with the group.
6) Sharing food with everyone was a bad idea because eating food in between the classes is the best thing to do.
7) Those sounds were both interesting and funny.
8) Diwali was only the time when we did planning and execution for planting bombs in toilets.
9) Eyes played a major role while talking with partners in class.
10) And at the end..
And at the end of the day, what we are left with is just memories. We can cherish those memories and live the moment. No matter how much I hated school at that time but still I miss school days.
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Designed By - Manas Srivastava
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