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Arnab Goswami fans were missing him from last few months as he left Times Now and now he is back with his own venture Republic TV. The Prime Time news anchor went live earlier Saturday at 10:00 A.M. The broadcast of the channel started with a monologue by Arnab Goswami by thanking all the viewers for their patience and explaining them why he wanted to come up with the idea of Independent media.
#May6withArnab started trending on twitter on Saturday Morning. Arnab started the show with a monologue in which he talked about why he wanted independent media. Arnab said “Today this Saturday morning, we dedicate this channel to you, your faith, your belief and your love. We feel swayed in your affection…My team is raring to go and charged-up,”
“We are a free channel in a free country propelled by your faith. This time, I am not going anywhere. I promise you.” he ended up his opening monologue. The show started with a debate, “Republic Exposes Lalu”. Arnab is known for his style of aggressive journalism. He has been one of the most watched TV journalists in Prime Time. He is famous for his Prime Time show, “The Newshour” on Times Now.
Now he is back with his new venture Republic which is is a part of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited. Republic TV will be free to air and will also be available on online streaming service Hotstar. The wait is over for the fans around the country and now we have to wait and watch how things will change when Republic is talking about independent media.
Like, comment and share your opinions in the comments sections and let us know what you are expecting from Republic.
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