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From the first day to the last day, college has given us many reasons to miss college life. They were indeed the best days of life and we still remember those moments. We remember every corner of the college for different reasons. With no tension and stress, we enjoyed our life to the fullest. We were always busy in doing vellapanti and bunking classes. Those moments were still etched in our minds. However, today, we have listed some of the best moments from that unforgettable phase of life.
Here is the list of 10 things we all miss about college life portrayed in cartoon characters.
1) Taking power nap is the best thing to do in class.
2) Playing weird games in college with friends, is something which we still remember.
3) Proxy is the best gift, a friend can offer you in college.
4) It becomes a routine for us!
5) Strange part is that teachers in colleges are mostly late for lectures and sometimes they are the ones who bunk classes.
6) The nerdy guy is always busy in preparing notes.
7) Finding sponsors for college fest was a huge task for all of us.
8) Passing marks is what we all need in college.
9) All the pretty girls in the college are committed.
10) Trying everything in the college for the first time is what makes college memorable.
Share your best moments of college life in the comment section.
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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