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If you want to live the moment, the best way is to capture the moment and enjoy it by reviving the memories. Same is the case with Baroda, Gujrat based mother ‘Krinzal Chauhan’ who thought of capturing the moments of her little daughter ‘Shanaaya’. After watching these pictures, I am sure you will also plan to have a photo shoot of your baby with such creativity.
Watch them and share it with someone who is blessed with a baby
Hazards of being too cute and small!
Collecting the stars, Sitting on the old tree,Book reading with my friend, makes me feel all glee!
I pick strawberries in my garden,snap their dark green stems,One in the bucket, one in my mouth. I ate them with dirt, ate until my throat was raked.
Holi has come, Holi has comeO dear friend and my chum,Forgetting every differenceWith coulours blue and redWith love and affectionThat will never fade.
To mom and dad...I’m glad to celebrate Your anniversaryIf not for your union There would be no meHave an awesome time Today and foreverYou are an awesome And a fabulous coupleOn this anniversary May your happiness double.
I sit by candlelight with one so rare.A talent, warm heart, vision so fair.These are the days of warmth and lightRender a perfect dinner date sight!
Like to float the paper boat in the stream, while I sit on the branch of the closeby tree,The stars remind me of a dreamand the water makes me all so glee!
Oh, here's a fluffy rabbitWith two ears so very longSee him hop, hop, hop aboutOn legs so very strong.He nibbles, nibbles carrotsFor his meal every dayAnd as soon as he has had.
I like to make a snow man,whisper, white and fat.with button eyes, carrot nose,my wooly winter hat.I build him up,I feed him snow.I poke him, pat him,watch him grow
Image Source: Mommy Creates Facebook Page
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