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Bargaining is a talent in India and if you have this talent, you can do wonders in the market. Most of the time we come across people who usually bargain in a day to day life. They can be anyone from Auto Wale bhaiya to Sabji Wale Bhaiya. We have listed people who are a pro at bargaining.
Here is the list of 6 people ‘Jinke khoon mei bargaining hai’
1) You will always come across to people like, ‘Auto Wale Bhaiya Jo Kahin Bhi Jane K Liye 250 Hi Lenge’
2) The guy will surely influence you with his own style of bargaining.
3) The guy who suddenly comes and whisper in your ears, ‘Ray Ban Lelo Bhaiya, Original Hai.’
4) This man can bargain with you to any extent, for selling vegetables in the market.
5) The man will guide you through the city but after his tantrums while discussing the money.
6) And the last but not the least ‘Girls’ who have the quality of bargaining any product with so ease that you will be shocked when you will go shopping with them.
Like, comment and share with your friends if you have also witnessed people like this in your day to day life.
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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