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Internet has become an important spot where people, nowadays, come up with trolls and memes. However, few people are there who have opted social media as a platform to share love and affection. This time, it is an old cancer survivor who took to twitter by sharing a thread on why she likes people of India from different regions. Her twitter bio is, “Battling cancer with a smile इक समंदर है जो मेरे काबू में है, इक क़तरा है कि मुझसे संभलता नहीं...” Having such a perspective after surviving cancer is something that is really encouraging and her inspiring story surely teaches us that life is short, just spread love.
The old lady took to twitter to write a thread that is around 15 tweets which speaks lengths about the different states of India. In a place like India, where so much hatred has been spread in past few months through mob violence and lynching, we need such people who can express their feeling in this way to spread love in the country.
Take a look at the twitter thread by Aruna!
We hope after reading this story, people around the country will come up with there own version of people of India.
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