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You might have come across funny posters in hotels and restaurants, however, if they are placed at the right place it can be fun. And if the right place is a restroom, then it can make you laugh and giggle. Restaurants, bars and hotels nowadays, come up with creative ideas while designing the restrooms.
Here is the list of 10 hilarious restroom posters which will make you laugh.
1) Beware of explosions!
2) Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!
3) Don’t kill people with your so called ‘clean hands’!
4) Hope you understand!
5) Focus is priority
6) Make sure you remember this point!
7) Go ahead! No one is watching you!
8) Every woman can relate to it!
9) Just keeps it rolling!
10) And the best one!
So next time if you are planning to design your restrooms, consider these ideas.
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Image source - Pintrest
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