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Monsoon in India is surely a beauty, bliss and a great relief from the scorching summer heat and enjoying this season’s rainfall with your friends and family certainly doubles your happiness. To relish this wonderful season, you can head to some offbeat locations in India and enjoy the light raindrops, cool gentle winds and that smell of earth.
We have lined for you 5 offbeat destinations to enjoy the monsoon season.
Coorg (Kodagu District) is also known as Scotland of India situated in Southern part of Karnataka in the Western Ghats. It is the best place for all nature lovers. This is one of the most affluent hill stations in Karnataka. You can witness wet, cold and foggy mornings in Coorg. The place is beautiful, comforting and elating.
You can head to this place if you love to walk on its beaches or walk through Goa's colonial past. Enjoying a pint of beer with your friends in Goa in monsoon season is something which should be in your to-do-list. You can enjoy trekking zones along the Western Ghats. It is the best place to visit during August, from the scenic point of view.
Situated in India’s Kerala state, Munnar is the perfect destination in monsoon. You can have the view of rolling hills dotted with tea plantation. It‘s an ideal place for tourists during monsoon season as you can feel the aromatic tea gardens and waterfalls. You can enjoy adventure sports from Rock climbing to Paragliding.
The cold mountain desert of Spiti in monsoon season is for the travelers, who dare to drift from the tourist trails. The place is often called, Little Tibet spread with Buddhist Monasteries. The best time to visit Spiti is July to late September as the weather warms up and you feel the soothing wind. The entire place is delightful where you can imbibe its natural grandeur.
A perfect destination for the people in western coast during monsoon season. Situated at a very fair distance from both Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is the perfect hideaway for the tourists in monsoon. With lush greenery surrounding and amazing viewpoints from mountains, Lonavala will excite you with its weather. It is the perfect destination to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.
Go ahead and make this monsoon season a memorable one.
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Designed By - Amit Singh
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