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There are times when in excitement we share a lot of things on Facebook profiles and timelines. People around the world feel very happy while sharing their moments with their friends and families. But have you given a thought about it that there are people out there that might use your basic information and it can be harmful if it fell into the wrong hands.
5 things which you should delete from your Facebook account straightaway.
Phone Number
It should not be shared on social media because there are people who can get access to your personal data and use it for wrong reasons.
Home Address
Never put your home address in your facebook account because thieves can use your check in locations and there are chances they can rob as you have given information that you are not at your place.
Sharing your birth date on social media seems quite amazing as you get birthday wishes from your near and dear ones. But you have no idea that your full name and birthday can help the thieves to steal your identity as well as bank account details.
Your location
Checking in at places is a cool thing on social media but telling everyone that you are not at your home is a bad idea. You can post pictures after you are back at home if you want to share your life with friends.
Photographs and information about your children
Yes posting pictures and sharing information about your child makes you happy but there are people who can use the information which can be harmful like sharing information about the school where your child is going.
Like, comment and share it with your friends to let them know what things should be deleted from facebook.
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