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Twitter has been a major platform in India nowadays where discontented customers tweet so that the issue gets resolved. Sushma Swaraj and Suresh Prabhu have been trending in past for resolving the issues of people on twitter. Indigo is trending for no good reasons this time after a tweet came from a passenger for misplacing his luggage. On 30th April, twitter user Roshan Agarwal took over to twitter for complaining about his misplacing of luggage in a sarcastic way. Rohan was flying to Calcutta but his luggage was sent to Hyderabad. On this issue he took a dig at Indigo Airlines services in a sarcastic way and here’s what he tweeted.
Indigo Airlines missed the #DieIndigo and they replied kindly ‘Glad to hear that’. See the tweet by Indigo Airlines.
This is what Roshan Agarwal replied after receiving such a reply.
Soon after realizing the mistake Indigo Airlines deleted the tweet. We hope that next time Indigo Airlines will take care of this and will resolve the issue so that no such issue comes up in future.
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