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People in India create their own style of using slangs. The inception of such words comes from daily life. Hindi is a funny language when it comes to creating your own style of speaking it. Today we have brought to you 8 slangs which Indians use in their own style.
Here is the list of 8 famous slangs used by Indians
1) When you are all set to go for a party, and suddenly your friend says!
2) When your father taunts you!
3) When your friends asks for treat!
4) When your father taunts you for long hairs!
5) When your mother catches you using phone at mid-night!
6) When your mother taunts you for roaming all day with friends!
7) When relatives comes at your place and your mother is like!
8) When your friends asks you for party on weekends!
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Designed By - Amit Singh
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