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Not In My Name Protest: The protest was demonstrated by people around the country on 28th June against incidents of the lynching of minorities. 15 year old, Junaid Khan was stabbed to death in Ballabgarh, Haryana after an argument over seats in a moving train. Saba Khan, Gurgaon-based filmmaker through her Facebook post called out for protest against the lynching and atrocities faced by the minorities in past.
Facebook Post
“Shouldn’t there be protests against the lynchings especially, after the murder of a 16-year-old Muslim boy that happened yesterday in Delhi NCR by a mob? If not now, then when? Why wait for political formations to organize a demonstration? Why can’t all of us as citizens repulsed by the violence, get together in protest at the earliest next week at Jantar Mantar under the banner – Not in my Name”
People have gathered at different parts of the country, to protest against the lynching and mob violence. They supported the event and #Notinmyname started trending on social media. The basic ideology behind the event was to stop lynching and atrocities against the minorities based on their name and caste. Similar incidents should come to end for the sake of humanity.
Yes, reports and figures show that lynching and atrocities have been done against the minorities. Instead of giving this issue an angle of religion, name and caste; people should start talking about it in a way that it should not be done as a human. Humanity is something which we are lacking in, and people in India should focus on this particular thing.
The people who are indulged in these cases lack humanity because the one, who are killing innocents in the name of caste and religion, have killed all of the humanity. No one has the right to discriminate or harm any individual irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
It is not just for the ones who are indulged; it is also for the people who turn a blind eye when such incident happens in front of them. Humanity teaches us that we should stand for the right and raise our voice for violence and brutality.
We hope after such protests people get united and humanity rises again.
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