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Monsoon is arriving and you will no more feel the scorching summer heat. However, few things you should keep in mind this monsoon season is to consume right food and avoid those foods which can affect your health. With the cold showers of rain outside, you will definitely look for tempting pakoras and chaat, however, it might lead to issues of indigestion. But you can’t stop thinking about them in monsoon.
Food items which you should eat and avoid this Monsoon
Corn - The pleasure of having ‘Bhutta’ with your friends in monsoon season is amazing. You can also prepare it by yourself at your place.
Roadside Salad and Juice - After a stressful day in office, you might think of having a glass of juice from a roadside vendor, however, you should strictly avoid it. The reason is that roadside vendors cut the fruits in advance and sometimes they remain uncovered for a long time. So, there are chances that you might get infected with the prepared juice.
Water - There are chances that you might reduce your fluid intake during monsoon although, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink filtered water to avoid infections.
Carbonated drinks - Drinking carbonated drinks will reduce minerals in your body and also minimize enzyme activity which can lead to indigestion. You should prefer drinking more water to stay hydrated.
Khichdi - Khichdi with papad and little pickles is the best option for you, this monsoon. Sitting in your balcony in the evening and enjoying it with your family is altogether a different feeling.
Chinese Food - Eating Chinese food from a roadside vendor in monsoon season is the one which you should strictly avoid. There are chances that the food might get contaminated due to the dirt carried by flies on the road that gets into the food.
Jalebi - It is the best sweet dish to eat in monsoon season. Just make sure that you are buying it from a good place where proper hygiene is maintained while preparing it.
Leafy Vegetables - You might have heard about the fact that eating green vegetables is good for health, however, in monsoon, it is a big NO. The reason is that they are stored in swaps and there are also chances that insect might nest on cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower.
Steamed Foods - Steamed food is considered healthy in this season in comparison to oily and fried foods as it is good for digestion.
Sea Food - You should avoid sea foods like crabs, prawns, fish during monsoon season as it is breeding season for these creatures. Try to stick to vegetarian diet in monsoon season.
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Designed By - Amit Singh
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