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Traveling in Delhi metro in peak hours is in itself a huge task. The chaos we face every single day and the people we meet teach us so many experiences. With all those experiences, we have come up with few reel life characters which you can witness in Delhi Metro.
Here’s is the list of those characters.
We will always notice a girl who is busy in doing makeup and flaunting herself in the metro. I think they are in a hurry that’s why they utilise that time in the metro for makeup. And, when they are done with it, they start flaunting.
This guy will listen to songs on full volume and will also sing for you, free of cost. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him or if people are getting disturbed. He is just busy in enjoying his music.
They are the couples who love to maintain their image of love bird in the Metro and will be seen in any corner of the metro holding each other’s hands.
These guys are the ones who are busy in their corporate life and are always well suited. They will be either seen working on their smart phones or quietly standing in the corner of the metro.
You will always encounter a guy who is in a hurry to board the metro. He will always prefer running and boarding the metro instead of coming on time during peak hours. These are the guys who, anyhow, try to adjust themselves amongst the crowd in the metro.
These guys are the ones who are having a problem with everything, whether there is a delay or chaos in the metro. They will always come with issues and will irritate the people saying “Ye Toh Galat Baat Hai, Itne Paise Lagte Hai.”
The one with a bunch of questions, he will ask you about everything from routes of the Metro to best cuisines in the city. They are sometimes irritating and sometimes funny.
Like comment and share it with your friends if you have also witnessed these characters in Delhi metro.
If you know any other real life characters then let us know in the comment section.
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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