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India was eagerly waiting for Sunday for the finals of Champions Trophy between India and Pakistan. The two rivals in the cricketing history are known for some interesting matches. However, it was not a good day for the Indian Cricket Team as they lost the match by 180 runs.
We have to understand that it is a game of cricket and the team who will play well will win the match. It is for the people who have started criticizing every single instance that happened in the match. They hyped that event as the turning point of the match whether it was early dismissals of the top order or run out of Hardik Pandya. We understand that everyone was waiting for the Indian team to lift the winning trophy; however, we have to treat it as a game and the one, who will play well, will win the match.
T-20 World Cup - 2007
Being a cricket fan, I understand that we always want to see our team winning. One thing which is unacceptable is the way people are reacting to it and criticizing players. This is the only team who proved themselves that they are having a squad with world class players. We have to appreciate the efforts which they have put in, to win the matches in the series, whether it was against South Africa, Bangladesh or Pakistan. One bad day on the ground doesn’t mean that they have not played well.
ICC World Cup - 2011
Don’t just react to situations just because everyone is doing the same. You are grown up and supporting Indian Team on a bad day is something that they require at this point of time. They give their best and play for the country. We should remember the times when they have made us proud and must cherish those moments.
ICC Champions Trophy - 2013
People started praising the hockey team for their victory against Pakistan and started criticizing the Indian cricket team. The question is; would you have cherished the victory of hockey team if Indian cricket team would have won the match against Pakistan? We should cherish the victory of Indian hockey team but not just because Indian cricket lost the match against Pakistan.
To taste the flavour of winning, one should always know how it is like to lose matches because you will make a comeback in a better way.
India will be playing against West Indies next month, we hope they will come back and make India proud again. What they require at this point of time is our love and support.
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