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We have all heard about how mothers do their best for the upbringing of their children. However, the scenario is quite different in this case where a boy is seen supporting his mother. Your nature reflects your upbringing.
The picture has gone viral on the internet which will surely melt your heart. This is the picture of a boy who is taking care of his mother in a metro. The son is doing a big job at this tender age (when a child is usually busy in playing), is something which should be appreciated.
Facebook post by CGTN
Sweet little boy taking care of his mother melts netizens’ hearts. A picture of a little boy looking after his sleeping mom on the subway in Chengdu has become an online hit in China. The picture, taken in southwestern Sichuan province and posted by @zhibochengdu on Weibo, shows the kid using his hand as pillow to comfort his sleeping mother. He also took charge of keeping an eye on her purse. Standing before and guarding over his sleeping mom, the boy also reportedly, gave up his seat to a woman with her baby. Weibo users have praised the boy’s thoughtful behavior and the good education that he has received from his parents obviously.
This picture has become viral on the internet as it shows how a little boy is comforting his mother. The boy also offered the seat to a woman with her baby. The way children are brought up matter the most. The reason is that it will help them in becoming a better person. People around the world are praising the boy.
We hope that this kind of upbringing is given to every child.
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