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We often think too much before taking any decisions. The reason behind it is that we usually mould our thoughts according to the opinions of other people. Today, we have brought for you the list of situations when teenagers were confused while taking decisions.
We all remember the time when we had to decide whether we should opt for Hindi or Sanskrit. We were in a dilemma that which subject will help us more, however, we ended up choosing the subject which most of the students had chosen.
After you are done with your 10th boards, people start influencing you to take science and commerce. This is the time when Sharma Ji comes into your imagination and says “Mere Bete Ne Toh Engineering Ki Hai”!
This is the time when your decisions matter the most. People will start giving advice to you free of cost and also tell you pros and cons of that particular thing. Aunties play the major role when they have their professional meeting in the park with your mother.
All the graduates out there, who think that graduation was enough to get a job, will get a reality check after graduation. The reason is that when you will see people pursuing MBA or preparing for entrance exams, you will also have a second thought. This is the time when you get stuck in deciding what you should do.
When you have completed your post graduation and you are in dilemma that whether you should go ahead and do a corporate job or to follow your passion. You have to be very clear what you want to do and decide best for your future.
HAHAHAHAHA! This is what comes to our mind when we are confused, however, life is all about taking right decisions instead of having this kind of thoughts.
Life is all about taking right decisions and there are times when you will be in dilemma. I would suggest you that you should always do what you want to do and what your inner voice says you to do. It’s not just about the situation that I have mentioned above. You should never get influenced by someone else’s opinion and you should do what you think is good for you.
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Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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