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Gore Patloon Pehen Ke E Ka Cricket Kahat Hai, Aur Hum Langoti Baandh K Gilli Danda…
This dialogue from the film Lagaan always comes to my mind whenever I recall this epic film. On the completion of 15 years of the movie Lagaan, we have shown how the reel characters inspired us and how we can connect to them.
Here is the list of characters.
Aamir Khan played the role of Bhuvan, in Lagaan which itself was a challenging role and people loved the way he acted in the film. He proved in reel life that how one can lead a bunch of people through inspiration and for a good cause.
Though, Elizabeth was a sister of Russel in the film, who imposed high taxes “Lagaan” on the villagers which were unable to be paid off, due to prolonged drought. Elizabeth stood for the right and helped the villagers and also taught them the rules of cricket.
When Bhuvan was short of one player, he invited Kachra who had the quality of spin bowling. But the villagers were not ready to play with him because of long- term prejudice against Dalit, however, Bhuvan convinced all of them and broke the taboo.
Lakha was known for his role in the film for betraying the villagers and supporting Russel. When Bhuvan came to know about this he lost his temper and told him that if he would continue doing this, the villagers would kill him. Soon after this conversation, Lakha supported the team and also took a thrilling catch.
Gracy Singh as Gauri, was in love with Bhuvan in the film and even after knowing about that, Elizabeth also started liking him, she loved him. She supported Bhuvan throughout the film and in the end, they both got married. The mental support was something that Bhuvan needed when he was going through a tough phase and Gauri was always there to support him.
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