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Both Indian and Western Cuisine are good in their own way. However, today we have brought similar food items for you.You have to choose which one you will prefer!
Here‘s the list of food Items!
Refreshing buttermilk and cold drink can do wonders in summers!
Spicy Sewai is a “must try” food item if you haven’t tried it yet. Else, go for noodles if you love it!
Red Velvet Cake is a better option, however, Maa k hath ka Halwa is something that no other dessert can beat!
You can try stuffed Paranthas of Murthal or you can try pizza from different famous outlets!
Chappati is something which you can eat with any vegetable or else if you are in hurry, you can still eat brown bread with Mayonnaise.
If you want to taste authentic Indian fast food go for Vada Pav or you can go for cheese or chicken burger!
So, I hope you have decided what things you want to try. Go ahead and plan your weekends with your friends.
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Designer - Vikas Kakkar
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