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Have you ever come across a situation when a pretty girl comes to you and asks you to use safety measure? Of course, No! This girl, while roaming on the streets of Delhi, asked strangers to use safety measures and the reactions are quite funny and embarrassing.
Here are the reactions that people gave when the girl asked them to use this safety measure.
Bande K Dil Pe Lag Gayi Baat!
Ye Toh Bachcha Nikla!
People on the streets thought that the girl was offering condoms as safety measure, however, soon she revealed that it was a wet wipe and people were being pranked!
Ye Toh Wet Wipes Nikle Bhai!
That reaction when you are being pranked!
India is a place where people don’t feel embarrassed while peeing and spitting on the streets. However, when it comes to breaking the stereotypes and talking about sex education and safety measures, they start feeling embarrassed. Though this prank was quite funny and the reactions people gave were pure gold!
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