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Ye Machis Ki Dibbi Kahan Se Aayi to Wo Ladki Kaun thi, we have faced all these situations since childhood days. Though today we have a list of awkward situations teenagers have faced since childhood.
Coming home after late night party and getting sarcastic reactions becomes a routine for us like us when they say Dost K Ghar Hi Reh Lete Jiske Sath Peene Gaye The!
When you have to answer an awkward question that from where did the matchbox came in your pocket and you come up with the answers like Mandir Gaye The Saare Dost!
We all remember the times when we used to abuse in excitement in front of elders at home and reactions like Yahi Seekhne Jata Hai Ye Bahar used to come!
That Awkward moment when your father watches a sensuous advertisement of condom or deo and then he changes the channel immediately. Though your inner voice says why he is changing the channel, yet we feel helpless.
When you are caught roaming in the streets with your girlfriend and you have to answer a list of rapid-fire questions asked by your parents.
When you see a pretty girl and you start staring her and your father is like Arre Insaan Ban Jao, Ab Bhi Waqt Hai!
We have all gone through that phase when we used to watch fashion tv and there were times when we were caught red handed which led to reactions like Arrey Ye Remote Ki Battery Kharab Ho Gayi Hai!
The first time when you went to buy condoms and you asked the shopkeeper that Bhaiya Wo De Dena and he is like Wo Kya Bhaiya, Kuch Naam Toh Hoga.
If you have enjoyed these reactions and if you have come across with these situations then do like, comment and share it with your friends!
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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