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This idea behind painting is much suited in current scenario around the world. The idea of portraying world leaders into refugees have come up in his mind because of the current scenario of refugees around the world. There are few countries who are allowing refugees and few of them have restricted the entry. We all know that because of Syrian war there are many people who are facing problems because of the counter attacks. The Syrian artist Abdalla Al Omari has portrayed the world leaders as vulnerable refugees and the paintings speaks a lot about the life of refugees.
"Although I knew little about the internal world of those leaders, the countless, intimate hours I spent with them have taught me more than I could imagine. Just as easily as everything worth defending can become defenseless, moments of absolute powerlessness can give you superpowers” - Abdalla Al Omari describing his artwork ‘The Queue’
Here is the list of paintings by the artist.
World Leaders in a queue for food!
Donald Trump - President of The United States
David Cameron- Former British Prime Minister
Kim Jong Un – Chairman of the Workers’ Party Of Korea
Barack Obama – Former President of The United States
This art of portraying world leaders has hit internet by storm and people are sharing it on the social media to let everyone know about the life of refugees.
Share these pictures on social media with your friends to let them know the power of painting.
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