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Paise kya Ped Pe Ugte Hai to Humare zamane mei aisa hua karta tha, we have heard all these things since childhood. Father’s day is about to come and we all want to thank our fathers for everything they have done to us, however before celebrating Father’s Day.
We have come up with few typical reactions which we have come across since childhood! We bring for you the list of typical reaction of fathers in India!
Fathers are the ones who decide what we have to study further and thinking about doing something else is a big no when it comes to pursuing higher education!
Your father will always talk about the past what he has done in his times and will make you realize that you are always wrong because unke zamane mei jo hota tha sab sahi hota tha!
When you want them to buy something for you but they escape with giving such an excuse that you will think twice that how it is related to buying that gadget.
Technology is helping fathers to check what their sons/daughters are doing and if you are seen online on Whatsapp or Facebook during your study hours then no one can save you.
They have few set of rules which you have to follow or else you have to face the other side of fathers which is injurious to health.
For them you have to grow up even if you are graduate or married. They will find some reasons to say that Areey Beta Bade Ho Jao, Khelne Kudne Ki Umar Gayi.
No matter how much fathers scold their children, we all know that they have done a lot for us and we should appreciate those things. Decide what special you can do for your father because father’s day is coming folks!
Like, comment and share with your friends if you have also faced these reactions from mothers.
Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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