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Gone are the times when people used to meet in the evening with their friends and talk for hours, however now the time has changed and people in the country have started living in the virtual world. People in India are moreover interested in engagements on social media rather than meeting in person. So does the experiences gives us some unforgettable experience.
Today we bring for you most unforgettable experiences of people while using social media.
Mother's reaction are quite hilarious when it comes to using social media. They have taught us so many things since our childhood, however when it comes to using social media their children act as a savior because they are pro at it!Video calling is the new trend on social media nowadays and the reaction when your mother uses video call feature for the first time is hilarious.
We have all had our siblings who usually chat on Whatsapp or Facebook and when we catch them red handed, it's the time to take revenge and we can ask for anything what we want from them. The reaction you give when your brother has caught you red handed while you were chatting with girlfriend.
There are times when we face awkward situations on facebook and that awkward situations comes from none then our relatives. The most unforgettable moment on social media is when your mother comments on your picture with some cheesy lines "Mera Beta Toh Heera Hai".
With social media growing day by day there are few applications which are meant for teenagers, however in an Indian family you might be asked about few applications by your father. The experience when you are asked about dating app by your father.
Facebook and Instagram are platform where people like sharing their social life, however your friends are also there who can interfere on social media. And you can forget that experience when some of your comments on your pictures. The time when you upload pictures with girls.
The phrase expect the unexpected is well suited in this case because when people from our daily life asks awkward question it is lifetime experience as these people are growing with technology and we love it. And there are instances when they can ask questions about how to use the applications.
Mother always keeps an eye on their child and in today's generation they are doing it through social media because it can reveal most of the things about a person. When your mother asks you about the girl who always comments on your pictures.
Like, comment and share it with your friends and family if you have also experienced these in your daily life.
Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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