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Social media has become a powerful tool for people around the country. People are using it as a medium to express their feelings and as well as to get their issues resolved. India being a progressive country is also emerging as a place where most of the people are indulged in social media.Twitter and Facebook are the most used social media platforms where people are sharing their experiences and also their issues what they are facing in day to day life.
We bring for you the list of incidents in which we have shown how famous celebrities and people used social media as a powerful tool.
1) Sushma Swaraj
Sushma Swaraj is Minister of External Affairs of India. The most loved politician of India when it comes to resolving issues of the people of India through social media. Recently she helped Indian women return from Pakistan where she was forced to marry at gunpoint. She has proved several times in past as well that how social media can be used as a powerful tool.
2) Akshay Kumar
The famous actor is one of the Bollywood celebrities who is using social media platforms to aware people on social issues as well as to send some important message. Akshay Kumar's post in which he talks about women safety was one of the most shared videos on social media by the people in which he spoke about the issue of women's safety after the Bangalore incident in which the girl was molested. He has also launched an app Bharat Ke Veer through which people can donate money to the families of martyrs killed in the lie of duty.
3) Suresh Prabhu
This man needs no explanation when it comes to using social media as a powerful tool. The Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has been in buzz on the internet for helping people in getting their issues resolved. He also helped Renuka Shahane when she asked medical help for a relative on the train. Recently he also helped a man who twitted about his sister who was lured away by few men by giving the exact details of the train which they boarded and with the picture of his sister. Soon after the tweet Railway Police Force came into action and they were successful in searching the girl.
4) Ambika Sharma Anavkar
Ambika Sharma Anavkar from Pune shared her harrowing experience with Uber driver on Twitter. The woman started receiving messages from the Uber driver in which he was constantly trying to have a conversation with the woman which made her took this to Twitter and share the screenshots of the messages which she received. Soon Uber India suspended the driver till further investigation. This shows that how nowadays people are using social media to express their feelings and to get their issue resolved.
These people have proved that how social media can be used as a powerful tool and we hope that you can also use social media in future if required to get things resolved or to raise an issue. Social media has become a platform where you can share your feelings about any issue .
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Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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