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People usually think that after break up things will become worst and everything won't remain the same as they were in a relationship. But don't you think that moving on is a better option instead of just being in a relationship for the sake of it? The answer is yes, it is fine if you had a break up with your partner. We are taught since childhood that we should see the positive side of the story, so does you have to do if you had a break up. We understand that you are stressed and feeling low after break up, however, you learn from your experiences and break up also teaches you to grow as a person and explore thing about yourself which you haven't explored yet in life.
Here's how breakup makes you stronger and a better person
After the break up you understand that things in life are not permanent and everything happens for a reason.
The time when you realise that your partner was not everything in life and you can be a better person after the break up will help you become more independent and mature with time.
We know that you have gone through a tough phase of life after the breakup, however, this is what life is and you learn things by the mistakes you make in life.
The best part after the break up is that you know what you want in your future relationship and it will make you understand that what you expect from your partner in future and how to deal with things.
And at the end of the day, you have to walk your own path and this experience will surely make you grow better as a person. The best version is yet to come and you have to prove the world that you are a strong person.
What appears to be the end might be a new beginning!
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