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Sarcasm is like punching people on the face, but with words. This guy from Pakistan proved this by writing a sarcastic post on the official Facebook page of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL). Munir Nizami is a resident of Pakistan and he was facing issues with internet connection from last few days.
Though we know the story of authorities nowadays that we have to drain our blood and sweat to get the issue resolved. We usually call our broadband services and reply from the other end is that due to a technical issue there are network problems and it will be resolved soon, however, the issues are not resolved in most of the cases. This time on the other end was Munir Nizami who knew how to get his job done and he took this issue to Facebook and wrote a sarcastic post to PTCL.
After reading this post you will surely enjoy the sarcastic way of this guy.
“Good Morning,I hope you are doing great and everything is all fine. We would like to inform you that we are doing awesome too these days. Life couldn’t be any happier. When we first installed PTCL landline and broadband, everyone told us not to because eventually we will suffer from their poor service. But if you ask me, I think they were all wrong. I am glad I installed PTCL. Last 20 days of my life couldn’t get any better. I had my university’s final exams but I had no one to disturb me as my PTCL connection is dead from last 20 days. No one can call me or I can’t call anyone. No one could disturb me with all those whatsapp messages. I saved a lot of time by not using facebook during my exams. Life was very smooth. Although i was a bit disappointed too because I couldn’t download my lecture slides because i had no internet but who gives a damn about your internet anyway. I know atleast you guys don’t.Life was great but now my exams have ended and I have nothing to do. Since I can’t use any social network now, I have turned more productive these days. I found interesting facts like i never knew my room had 180 tiles.Thankyou for making me productive and social in real life rather than social on some virtual network.If you ever wanted to say you are welcome, you can always call me at +92 21 3415XXXX (inbox for complete phone #) or you can email at Oh wait, my PTCL connection is dead and i have no means of communication. I guess you have to wait now to contact me. In worst case scenario, if you really wanna talk, you can call on my cell phone (inbox for number).Thanks a ton.Shaikh Muniruddin NizamiJust a happy customer of PTCL.”
Soon this sarcastic post went viral on Facebook with 6000 likes and around 400 shares. This post was so much viral on the Internet that PTL sent their 5 engineers on Sunday to resolve the issue. And after the issue was resolved, Munir Nizami again shared a sarcastic post on his wall.
This incident proves that in a busy world your one post on social media can things now.
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