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Delhi being the capital of India has been in news for no good reasons in recent times. There have been cases of harassment and molestation around the city every other day. There are people who talk about women safety, however, when the same incident happens in front of these people, they turn a blind eye to it.
Megha from Delhi explains her horrifying experience while travelling in the metro where a boy was constantly stalking her. Through a series of tweets, she explained her horrifying experience on Twitter.
She also explained by giving an end note that women should act if they think there is something fishy. We expect that more such stories should be exposed on social media if women are facing this kind of incident so that further action can be taken against that person. The reason why such incidents should be exposed because it compels the authorities or concern person to take action against that incident.
Though it raises security concerns in the Capital, however, we hope that people should act if this kind of incident is happening in front of them instead of acting after the incident.
Image Source - Megha twitter account @Omeghaa_
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