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We in our daily lives often don't realise that we have overcome obstacles at different stages in our life, however, people focus on failures instead of success. You don't have to think about failure because someone has nicely said that we learn from failure, not from success. In a place like India since childhood, we overcome things so easily that we don't realise that it was an obstacle.
Here are the instances from our daily lives in which we never realised that we have overcome obstacles.
1) In our childhood we are taught to walk, however, we learn walking by our own. This shows that we are overcoming obstacles after making an effort.
2) We all remember the time when we use to fall while learning cycling, however, after falling several times we learn how to ride cycle.
3) Playing matches with friends and losing them was a part of life in teenage, though we remember the times when we beat the opponent after losing few matches.
4) Every teenager has gone through this phase when they usually study for examination just before a day and get passing marks.
5) We as a teenager had stage fright and we always remember our first stage performance in college whether it is dance, drama or participating in a debate.
6) When you move out from your native place for further studies and you manage things which you haven't since your childhood shows that you have grown up and you know how to adjust with situations.
7) Every college graduate has a fear of College Placement and clearing is one of the obstacles as it is the first experience for them to get interviewed.
We have to understand that in life we should cherish all those things which brings happiness in lives and also all those obstacles we have overcome since childhood. Focusing on the positive part of the story is what we learn from life.
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Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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