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You have heard chef making pastry by using their creativity, however, this time the Pastry Chef, Pooja Dhingra from India has taken it to another level by making delicious desserts inspired by the looks from the Cannes Red Carpet. The desserts were made based on famous looks of celebrities in Cannes. The celebrities which are turned into the avatar of desserts are Naomie Harris, Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Elle Fanning.
Have a look at these desserts, they are mouthwatering!
1) This one is white chocolate and matcha cake inspired by looks of Aishwarya Rai.
2) Red Wine Infused Dark Chocolate Macaron is made based on the looks of loving actress Deepika Padukone.
3) Sonam Kapoor's glossy look inspired the chef to make champagne and chocolate tier cake.
4) Naomie Harris looked like an angel and so does the chef did to justify the look by making delicious Rainbow Cake inspired by her colourful dress.
5) The floral border on the bottom of Elle Fanning's dress inspired the chef to make delectable floral Pistachio cupcakes.
The Pastry chef, Pooja Dhingra is the owner of Le 15 patisserie/Cafe and Studio Fifteen Mumbai and we are expecting more desserts like this from her.
If you are living in Mumbai go ahead and order these delicious desserts.
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