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People who work hard and having a secure job should look for better opportunities if they are facing issues while working with a company or a firm. It is always better to look for good opportunities if the job is affecting your mental, physical or spiritual health. If you are dissatisfied and your work seems miserable, you should change your career and do what you thinks is best for you.
These signs show that you should change your career.
1) If you are feeling bored while working in the office, you should better think about looking for something good because if you are bored you will be less productive because of the boredom and negative thoughts.
2) If you are pissed of with your boss and he is not respecting your opinion, it is the time you should go ahead and look for a better opportunity because arguing every day with your boss and co-workers will be stressful.
3) If you are working in a company where you have to work overtime in office as well as home then this might lead to health issues and it is the right time to look for something where you can work in fix schedule and give some time to family and friends.
4) If you don't love what you are doing, you should do what you love because it will make you feel excited while working. Working just for the sake of doing a job is a bad idea, find what you love and then do it.
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