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Most of the women prefer to be in a relationship when they are sure that the relationship will last forever or they think that they have a good bond with their partner. However, there are few of them who have their own opinions about not getting into a relationship and the reasons are quite apt.
Here are few reasons why women prefer not to be in a relationship.
1) Loves being single
Women love being single and they love the freedom they have whether it is shopping or moving out with friends. The fear of getting busy if they will be in a relationship is the reason they prefer to be single.
2) Commitment
Most of the women love commitment and when they see people around breaking up, they fear that they will also have to face what others have faced in a relationship after falling apart.
3) Experience of dating someone in past
If a woman has been in a relationship in past, there are chances that she will think twice before getting into a relationship because she has gone through heartbreak in past.
4) Confused
Women are not interested in a relationship because they are confused that whether they should be in a relationship or not. The confusion can also be because they think they should wait for the right guy and not to get into a relationship just for the sake of it.
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