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India being a developing country is progressing in every sector whether it is science, technology or infrastructure, however, we are missing on few things which sadden the whole country in terms of social behaviour with women. In March 2017, a girl from Delhi shared her distressful experience with Uber driver and took it to twitter to let everyone know about the incident.
And this time again a woman, Ambika Sharma Anavkar from Pune shared her harrowing experience with Uber driver on twitter. The woman started receiving messages from the Uber driver in which he was constantly trying to have a conversation with the woman which made her took this to twitter and share the screenshots of the messages which she received. The driver asked her that whether she is staying in Bangalore or Pune which is something which should not be accepted from a Uber driver who is working professionally with a company.
These are the screenshots which were shared by Ambika on her twitter account.
After sharing her experience on twitter, Uber India Support asked her to contact them with registered Email Id and number. And soon she got a message from Uber response team in which they mentioned that the driver is suspended until further investigation is completed.
The incident shows that how these drivers can use personal information and can harass anyone. Suspending a driver is a good step from Uber, however, we have to see that what further steps these companies would take who are providing cab services. In this incident, the most important thing is humanity, whatsoever steps would be taken from the companies if the person is having bad intentions he will do wrong things anyhow. The woman from Pune reported the incident is an example that you should never sit back and always fight for the issues you are facing in daily lives. The time has changed because a single tweet or sharing issues on social media might help in resolving your issue.
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