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The guy has proved that through ethical hacking he can travel the world. People usually have heard the term ethically hacking and they might think how hacking can be ethical. Recently there was a ransomware attack called "Wannacry" which resulted in heavy financial losses in different parts of the world. However, there are ethical hackers as well and they do ethical hacking to find security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.
Same is the case from a 20-year-old Kanishk Sajnani who has hacked no. of Indian websites to let them know about their loopholes and technical glitches. He cleared few things through Medium that he has been into ethical hacking for no personal gains and he feels that he should be awarded for the same. The reason why he is been into ethical hacking is to inform famous portals about the technical glitches and possible security lapses which can be countered by bug bounty programs. He has hacked famous online portals including Air India, Spice Jet and Clear Trip.
Recently he shared the bugs of all the famous portals had as they were and updated on the portals through Medium.
He proved a technical glitch with Air Asia and booked himself a ticket from New Delhi to San Fransisco only for Rs. 1. He would have travelled to united states absolutely free, however, he didn't travel and informed the authorities being an ethical hacker.
And before finding this technical glitch he has also found a bug in Spice Jet portal in which he booked a flight for Rs. 4, however, was priced Rs. 4028. This time again he informed the higher authorities but this time they mistook it as a mail for an internship.
This is what Spice Jet replied after kanishk informed them about the bug.
Any website can have a technical glitch or bug and to encounter this kind of bugs we need ethical hackers like Kanishk in India and he should be appreciated for the same.
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