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There are times when you are in a relationship you don't feel like continuing the relationship. Sometimes being in a relationship is bit complicated and just dragging the relationship is not good. Most of the people stay in a relationship because they think that things will get better in future. However, there are few signs which are sure shot that you should not be in a relationship anymore and look for better opportunities. Here are few of them.
1) No excitement in a relationship
Don't be in a relationship just because you want to be on the safer side of not breaking up with your partner or else you are waiting for the time that your partner will say that things are not the same we should break up. You should be very clear with this thing that if you are not having the same feeling which you had in past or you are no more excited about things in relationships you should move on.
2) You have lost the inner you
People in a relationship expect from their partners to change a bit and adjust accordingly, however, if you have changed yourself so much that you cannot find your inner self in a relationship, then you should think twice about being in a relationship.
3) Trust issues
If you are having trust issues with your partner and you are snooping on your partner then you should not stay in a relationship with your partner because trust is something which is the pillar of a happy relationship and if you no more trust your partner then breaking up is the best option for you.
4) You focus on complaining instead of appreciating
In a relationship, your partner always expects appreciation for the things he/she is doing. But if you are always seeing things from a different perspective and you are always complaining about things, then the time has come when you should sit and talk about these things and if then also things remain the same it is better to choose the other way of walking on a different path.
You should never feel that you are doing anything wrong if you are breaking up with your partner because life is a learning experience and being in a relationship and continuing it with the right partner also comes with experience. One thing what you can do while expressing these things with your partner is to be gracious and admire him/her for the good times you have spent togeather and wish each other a better future.
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