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Marriage is a crucial decision for everyone. In such a situation, you should take care of many thingsbefore marriage. Generally, there is a gap of two to three months after the engagement, which is full ofchallenges for you. At this time you are passing through many situations. In such a situation, it is veryimportant to control yourself. There are some important things to know before marriage. To make themarriage happy, you should take care of every little happiness of your partner and make them realizehow much you love them.
Ask about your life's priorities:
You can ask your partner if you would like to live in a single family aftermarriage or with your family. If there is any problem then what will be done in that condition. It is alsovery important to talk about these issues.Trust the partner: It is very important to trust each other to strengthen the marriage. If you do not trustyour partner, then it will be difficult for you to live with them. If you trust, you see good things insideeach other and ignore some bad things.Give time to each other: It is very important to give time to each other for marriage. If you give time toeach other, you will know more about your partner. They will be able to express their love and knowtheir likes and dislikes.
Respect the partner:
Respect is essential in a relationship because if you do not respect your partner,you will not be able to love them. It is very important to respect your partner in order to make a happymarriage because it enhances the bond between you two.
It is very difficult to know what your partner thinks about romance. But it is your skill to seehow much and how your partner can make romantic talks with you. Although love begins to flourish inthe passion and enthusiasm of marriage, it also becomes necessary that you know the romantic level ofyour partner.
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